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Hello all. :) My name is Evelyn Gaines, but you can call me Eve, and  welcome to Backlink Automation, where I review the top automated backlinking tools and services so that you can obtain more traffic and higher rankings within search engines for your sites.

Are you finding that you don’t have the TIME to manually create backlinks for your site?  Having issues with automatically generating backlinks to your sites for increased traffic?  If so, it’s about time to use a tool to start generating backlinks AUTOMATICALLY.

Automatic Backlinking Tools Reviewed:

Bookmarking Demon:

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Bookmarking Demon has been around for some years now. It’s made by EdwinSoft and they have recently released a new version of it called Bookmarking Demon 5. After playing with it, I am pleased with the new aesthetic features that makes it more manageable.  Let me give you guys an overview of the new changes to Bookmarking Demon 5.

BMD5 adds an all new project management interface. You can now create “projects” for all of your backlinking and social-bookmarking campaigns and organize them more effectively.

For example, I can create a project for my Saving/Budgeting Blog and another one for my Web Hosting Site. If you don’t feel like creating a project, you can always use the Default Project setting to start your backlinking/bookmarking tasks. Some people use Bookmarking Demon as part of their automated social bookmarking backlink services and this is a great way to organize and track your bookmarking submissions for each client.

bookmarking demon 5 projects

Bookmarking Demon makes it unbelievably easy to create new social bookmarking accounts, but BMD5 adds a new email verification function that makes setting up accounts even easier. As you know, when creating accounts on social bookmarking sites, many of them require you to login to your email in order to verify the account. This method is no longer necessary with BMD5. You simply add in your email accounts, and the software will perform the account verification for you by pressing the “Process Emails” button. Support for the gmail account is in the settings by default, but you do have to access gmail manually to enable POP so BMD can properly access your emails.

As far as the database of sites to submit to, Bookmarking Demon 5 comes with support for 29 main bookmarking sites and 100 sites overall. Included are well known ones like Digg, Delicious, Propeller, Mixx, and Blinklist. BMD5 also includes the normal Scuttle, Scuttle Plus and Pligg sites just like the earlier versions of BMD, but BMD5 adds support for PHPDug sites as well.

bookmarking demon 5 social bookmarking sites

BMD5 also adds the new feature rich browser mode. Previously, Bookmarking Demon would not allow you to see what was going on while it was performing submissions. The new Bookmarking Demon 5 interface opens up an internal browser window that allows you to see BMD5 logging in, and submitting your bookmarks/backlinks, so that you know it’s working. You still will be entering any captchas for those sites that require it through this browser. In addition, everything is now multi-threaded, allowing the software to simultaneously submit to mutiple sites. This significantly shortens BMD’s time to completely perform all of its submissions.

Last but not least, this is the cherry on top…the new scheduling feature. You can now spread your submission out on an included scheduling calendar. The scheduling interface allows you to specify what sites you want to bookmark and when you want them to. BMD5 will run in the background and submit your sites at the specified time and date you’ve entered. Unfortunately, this only works with the bookmarking sites that don’t require a captcha input.

bookmarking demon 5 scheduler

Of course with every great software comes some things that aren’t so perfect.  For instance, the list of social bookmarking accounts that supposedly require a captcha option isn’t accurate.  In my experience, I’ve entered several captchas after selecting only accounts that BMD specified didn’t require one.

Also, BMD5 still has some stability issues. The program did hang on me once. But, as a longtime BMD owner, from experience, EdwinSoft takes care of it’s glitches pretty quickly with the updates, so I’m sure the few issues will be resolved sooner than later.

If you already own BMD, then Bookmarking Demon 5 is a free update. Otherwise, the software is available for a one-time fee of $147. The amount of time you will save with Bookmarking Demon is amazing, and it really is a must have program if you have a ton of sites you need to bookmark. After you grab your copy, make sure to check out my social bookmarking strategy for utilizing BMD to further dominate the search engine rankings for your sites.

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